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24.07.2018 - Account Friendly Drivers – Changes to the Price on Completion Screen

This week Account Friendly Drivers may be aware of changes in the Price On Completion Screen (POC) at the end of an account booking. The POC Screen will now take all the details of the fare from the Fare Estimator, no more manual entry by drivers is required.

In order to ensure the correct fare for each booking is paid, drivers will need to use the Fare Estimator correctly. All Extras and Waiting Time should be added at the appropriate time mid-booking and cannot be added after the journey has been finalised. Please ensure you are using the Fare Estimator correctly. Press pickup at commencement of the journey or when first contact with the customer is established. Waiting time can be added at the commencement point of a journey after the five minutes grace period has expired. Waiting time can only be added at the time of waiting and Extras should be added before the end of the journey.

If the Fare Estimator is used correctly then payments will be made for the correct amount.

The POC Screen will also now show a complete breakdown of the fare.

To complete an account booking just Press the Finalise button on the POC Screen.