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2017.06.30 – Substitute Drivers

Don’t forget that as self employed independent contractors, you can always share your hired data terminal (along with all the bookings it generates) with any suitably qualified substitute driver(s) for no additional weekly charge.

Each substitute must be registered with Delta (which incurs a one off activation fee of £50) and provide proof of relevant licences and insurance. You remain personally responsible for the actions of your substitute(s) for the duration of their appointment, so if for example they were to overcharge passengers that have booked through Delta or breach any other terms of your driver’s agreement, culpability rests entirely with you.

So why not become part of a husband and wife team, where one earns extra cash whenever the other’s not working?

Why not rent out your car with our radio to a trusted responsible colleague who’s only looking to work just a few hours a week?

£100 / wk gives your transportation business 24 hours a day access to Delta’s booking service… it’s up to you how best to manage that provision.