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03.04.2018 - Want Help to Work Smarter? Let us Analyse Your Working Pattern

Your driver advisors have some new software to help you work smarter!

For a few weeks now they've been able to analyse the hours you worked and compare them to the most and least profitable hours in the previous week. This helps you determine if there are other more suitable hours you can work where your earning potential is greater.

Work Smarter Map

Starting this week, Driver Advisors can also analyse where you worked and show you which areas had the greater potential for work available to you as soon as you dropped off.

The new Where to Work report shows you the areas that had the most and least amount of unmet demand, the red and orange areas have the highest levels of unmet demand from customers. These areas are therefore the areas you would have waited the least amount of time for your next booking. In the first image (above), we show the driver that was the top earner in our Reduced Settle Suburbs Scheme.

Most of his work is in the red and orange areas, the top 20 suburbs where work was available and waiting longer than anywhere else. His big cluster in the South of the city are the jobs he did in our expansion areas where he reduced his settle by £100, this driver is working smart, he's not only working in the right areas, he's also covering work in our expansion areas and reducing his settle.

Let's look at a few more examples.

Example One

Work Smarter Map 2
Work Smarter Map 3

This driver only worked three red hours and 21 blue, the vast majority of his hours are the least profitable hours. Now look at the areas he worked.

Not one job in the Top 20 busiest areas and he limits himself to a very small footprint, you would imagine this driver is completing bookings and driving back to his comfort zone before making himself available for work. This driver isn't working very smartly at all.

Example Two

Work Smarter Map 4
Work Smarter Map 5

Our second driver is the complete polar opposite. He works 23 of the best hours and only 3 of the worst. His footprint is all over the region, with lots of work in the busier areas and only a few in the quieter areas, you would imagine he's moving around to where the work actually is when he drops off.

He also looks like he's hitting the target in Ormskirk for Reduced Price Settle and possibly in the South of the city too. You'd have to say, this driver is working much smarter than the driver in the first example.

Example Three

Work Smarter Map 6

This driver is not only working smart on the Liverpool side of the Mersey by receiving lots of collections in the red and orange areas, he's also working smarter on the Wirral. Every time this driver gets a job taking him to the Wirral, he charges 2 tunnels (£3:60), then when he comes back with a returning passenger he charges two tunnels again (£3:60 again), because he's way over the target in the Reduced Settle Suburbs Scheme, he also receives a settle reduction of £3 per Wirral collection. If you factor in the savings made by utilising the Tunnel Fast Tag system, he will have charged two customers £7:20 for the tolls, which have cost him as little as £2, plus received a £3 settle reduction for his Wirral collection.

The driver is better off by £8:20 just for taking a passenger over to the Wirral, then collecting another passenger to bring them back to the Liverpool side. Now that is most definitely working smarter! Remember you only need 5 jobs on the Wirral to qualify for a minimum of £15 in settle reduction (£3 per job) and every Wirral collection after the initial 5 gets you another £3 settle reduction.

If you'd like to receive these reports every week by email, here's what you need to do. Call in and see our Driver Advisor on a Monday or Friday, he's available from 10am to 3pm. Bring some form of ID to prove you are who you say you are and prove the email address you've given us is the correct one. Your Private Hire Licence Badge can be your ID. Once your driver advisor confirms your email address is valid, he'll send you the reports every week by email with no need to call in again. Simple!

Help yourself to work smarter, get your weekly report!