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2017.09.27 – Card Friendly Update

Hundreds of drivers are still foolishly missing out on well over 10,000 card friendly bookings a week that are arranged through Delta.

With cashless taxi journeys becoming so mainstream nowadays how much longer can taxi drivers realistically afford to keep dismissing so much potential income?

Delta provides the best possible cashless taxi solution here on Merseyside…

    1) Through Delta, passengers have access to more card friendly drivers than any other Merseyside operator
    2) “Secure Chip & Pin / Contactless” transactions afford passengers far more security than “customer not present In-App transactions”
    3) Drivers are protected from expensive charge-backs when using Chip & Pin / Contactless in-vehicle card readers
    4) Drivers can access their payments immediately through PayPal Here readers instead of waiting for funds to be “knocked off next week’s settle”
    5) Drivers can hire purchase an all singing all dancing secure Chip and Pin / Contactless PayPal Here device for as little as 12 weekly payments of a fiver
    6) Drivers are provided with free training and support on how to set up and use card readers twice a week at Delta HQ
    7) Card friendly drivers pay £5 / week less in settle for Delta to arrange their bookings for them
    8) The more card payments you receive from passengers the less cash you need worry about carrying around in your vehicle

Following a recent EU directive the UK is banning all card charges from 18th January 2018, but Delta drivers need not worry.

The £5 / week you save in card friendly settle allows you up to £180 worth of card friendly work at 2.75% before it actually costs you any money.

And given the choice for a card friendly Manchester Airport run, would you rather ALL of £43.77 or NONE of £45.00?

We’ll be pushing for more card friendly bookings to be arranged through Delta in the coming months. As a self-employed independent contractor, whether you choose to benefit from this growth in cashless work or prefer instead to stick with cash-only fares is entirely your call!