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12.12.2018 - End of year roundup

Thanks to the hard work and professionalism of drivers and support staff alike, Delta Taxis delivered another solid performance for 2018.

Intense competition from global taxi giants has left many industry leaders continuing to rack up some pretty horrendous pre tax losses. In their most recent annual accounts for example, Comcab (who own Liverpool's largest hackney cab operation) lost £463,000, Addison Lee lost £20.8 Million and Uber lost an eye watering £3.5 Billion (which is around £10 million / day). In stark contrast Delta remains firmly in the black, giving confidence and security to the service users and service providers so reliant upon the business.

We kicked off the year with an absolutely crucial High Court victory against Knowsley Council, after they tried to implement unlawful restrictions on where our Knowsley licensed drivers could earn their living. Drivers badged elsewhere should also be under no illusions as to just how important this watershed decision was for them too. Had we failed to tackle Knowsley, our competitors would almost certainly have leaned on the other Local Authorities to follow suit, carving up the private hire industry into smaller, less efficient work zones.

Drivers operating through Delta carry passengers freely across 1,000 square kilometres of concentrated work. That's our greatest strength. If you divide drivers and their work into six, smaller, isolated territories then the time and fuel you'd waste travelling back to your appointed zones on completion of every hiring would be as damaging to your earnings as it would to the environment. We therefore raided the war chest, secured the country's finest QC and put a swift end to the threat.

Next we turned to West Lancashire, targeting the burgeoning growth areas of Ormskirk, Burscough, Aughton and Skelmersdale. By acquiring a West Lancs Operator licence and a new Halsall office we were able to begin flooding the district with high priority taxi freephones. Consequently, Delta's newly expanded freephone network now contains well over 300 busy locations, which all continue to pull in #morework4drivers.

Next we revisited our account work. Having already pulled away from Liverpool Council's school contracts in 2017, we unfortunately had to do the same with Sefton in 2018. As had happened with Liverpool, Sefton's terms and conditions gradually morphed into such a one sided affair they became no longer viable for any diligent operator. There was just no way we were willing to lock drivers in to what could essentially amount to a four year price fix, especially when considering how chaotic and unpredictable the future appears right now. Whilst other operators chose to saddle themselves with potentially four years worth of fixed rate school runs, we instead opted to keep full control of our fares and free up the busiest drivers for the peak time cash work crying out to be covered during early morning and late afternoon rush hours.

Of course the biggest news of the year for Delta has to have been the Reduced Settle Suburb scheme, which we rolled out across 27 target areas. In what has proven to be an unprecedented giveaway, each week sees hundreds of Delta drivers knocking thousands of pounds off their settle, just by working where they're most needed. As well as rewarding pioneer drivers, the scheme has brought vastly improved service levels to frontier territories such as Southport, Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, St Helens, Widnes, Runcorn and the Wirral.

Another popular move this year was to redesign and reintroduce the holy grail of query channels ... AUTOBOGEY! The new system parameters (and comprehensive management reports) so far appear to be keeping abuse to a minimum, so that the vast majority of drivers can enjoy swift processing of no jobs to get straight on with the next pick up.

This year we also introduced driver advisers complete with a whole raft of freshly designed work analysis tools. Driver takings have always been determined by when, where and how you work. Driver advisers can therefore assist you in making more money, simply by comparing your work patterns with some of the highest earners on the fleet. Not every driver wants to change how they work, but for those who value profitable hours over sociable hours and just want more money, please help us to help you by speaking to an adviser and taking on board some valuable tips.

On a final note, cashless work continues to grow and Delta continues to compensate card friendly drivers £5 / week towards unrecoverable bank charges (typically 2.75% of the fare for a cheap Paypal here device). So unless you're doing over £180 / week worth of card work (unlikely!), the settle you save is still more than the charges you might incur. And that's before you start adding up the value of all the extra jobs you could be missing out on! So this Christmas why not ask Santa for a card reader? Driver advisers remain available twice a week to help you get started. They can even help you to set up online bank payments so you can pay your settle direct from your mobile, saving you a further £5 / week settle as well as all that time wasted driving into the control centre and queuing on the stairs.

A big thank you to everyone who continues making Delta Taxis the success that it is after more than 50 years of getting people there and back, cheaply and safely. We wish you a very enjoyable and prosperous Christmas and New Year!