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Debit cards have now overtaken cash as the UK's preferred method of payment.

If you happen to be one of the many taxi drivers still trading "cash only" then sadly, because passengers are changing the way they pay for their cabs, your work is slowly running out and so are your options when it comes to operators. For most of them, some (if not all) of their bookings are for customers paying by card in one form or another. So with Delta fast becoming the final refuge for cardless drivers, how can we protect the business from the industry's inescapable transition towards card wielding passengers?

Fortunately we've already supported well over a thousand drivers into setting up their own card readers. These "Card Friendly" drivers report takings of around £3,000 / year in card and contactless fares alone. Their settle is also £5 (soon to be £10) per week less than cardless drivers. What Delta has also done is spread out into neighbouring territories, grabbing new cash work abroad to make up for lost card work at home. Expansion doesn't come cheap. An effective network of freephones across any controlled district requires new premises and an accompanying Private Hire Operator's Licence. We've so far landed six local authority areas and have further operator applications pending for Halton and Warrington, where we expect to draw in the next fresh batch of work.

Why doesn't Delta take card payments through their App like other operators?

When cards are presented to any reader with an accompanying PIN or Contactless tap then the payment is 100% guaranteed. Even if the card has been stolen or used without the owner's knowledge or permission, if there's a PIN or a Contactless tap then drivers get their money every time. If however, as is the case for most other operators, card details are submitted remotely through an App or a website then each payment is subject to the banking sector's notorious chargeback scheme, where fraudulent or disputed transactions are automatically refunded back to the card holder's account. The overall global cost of chargebacks arising from merchants not presenting cards to readers is now reported to have reached over £30 Billion / year. This explains why so many rideshare giants continue to suffer such staggering financial losses and why one local operator in particular recently increased their settle charges by a further £10 /wk.

How much will it cost me in transaction fees?

Less than you might think. The recently released SUM UP card readers for example charge 1.69%, which equates to about 10p for a £6.00 fare. Across the entire year, £3000 worth of card work would cost you less than £1 / week in fees, which don't forget is a fully deductible tax expense.

So what's happening to the settle and why?

Cash work is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive for operators to secure so from 25.04.2019
CARDLESS driver settle UP £2.50 from £105 to £107.50 / wk
CARD FRIENDLY settle DOWN £2.50 from £100 to £97.50 / wk
(Charges for late payments / cash payments / account work exemptions etc remain the same at £5 each)

OK, let's do this, I want more work for £10 / week less settle. Where do I start?

Visit Delta HQ between 10am and 3pm any Monday or Friday to speak to Mike, our resident card friendly adviser. He can explain all your options and provide regular free support and advice.