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Delta is changing the way we inform passengers of their assigned vehicle's imminent arrival.

Instead of texting a 'Message on Approach' when the car is nearby, we'll be texting a 'Message on Create' the moment each booking is generated, containing a link for passengers to TAP & TRACK their taxi on a live map.

Taxi Apps are all well and good but in the real world, given the choice, countless people still prefer talking to humans when booking cabs. This is why Delta's 150 telephone operators remain so busy all of the time.

Delta's new Tap and Track facility therefore gives customers the best of both worlds. They can give their booking to a telephone operator then when the text message arrives, click their personalised link and watch when their booking gets covered, confirm which car is coming to collect them and follow it live on a map as it homes in on them.

Tracking continues throughout the journey so that users booking on behalf of friends or family for example can monitor their loved one's journey all the way home. It's important therefore that drivers remember to indicate 'meter off' at the correct time on completion of each journey to end the tracking process at the passenger's actual drop off.