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As a driver who has agreed to provide services to Delta you are free to use your initiative when carrying out journeys booked through Delta as set out in your Self-Employed Driver's Agreement. Nevertheless, Delta often receives queries from drivers regarding certain elements of the provision of their services. This section of our website is designed to address such queries and is drafted with a view to ensuring that the relationship between Delta and the drivers who provide services is as harmonious and productive as possible and with passenger satisfaction in mind. After all, the happier a passenger is with you as a driver, the more likely they are to book a journey through Delta. The more bookings made through Delta, the more journeys Delta can offer to drivers to carry out and earn fares.


There is no obligation on Drivers to carry out journeys booked on account however those that do benefit from a cheaper Settle. Drivers who do not wish to carry out account work are able to pay an additional £5 / week for Account Work Exemption status.

Going forwards drivers may continue to opt in or out of carrying out account work for any full week at a time … i.e. you cannot change status partway through a week.

Drivers are requested to notify Delta's Admin Support team of their intention to opt in or out of account work prior to the Thursday beginning any given settle week. Please see the Settle Payment Guide for further information HERE.

Unless we hear otherwise we assume every driver wants to cover account work and therefore pay a cheaper settle.


Yes. If children are old enough to go to school (that is children aged four or older), they are considered old enough to travel unaccompanied in a private hire vehicle booked through Delta, provided of course they behave themselves and cooperate with driver instructions. Anyone below the age of four must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Where a passenger, young or old, demonstrates unruly or uncooperative behaviour, drivers may report such incidents to Delta so that they may be prevented from placing any further bookings through Delta. However drivers cannot discriminate against passengers on age alone. The fact that a passenger is a child is not a valid reason for a driver to refuse to carry out a booking made through Delta.

Enabling parents to book a journey through Delta that will be dispatched to a safe, reliable and friendly driver is vital and many parents may not be able to work otherwise.


Once you have accepted a booking from Delta you have the discretion to choose the appropriate route, subject to passenger agreement. However it is expected that you carry out the passenger's requested journey using the shortest route.

Delta does not expect drivers to cut through every single track or alleyway in order to shave off 25 yards, but generally speaking drivers are expected to take passengers the cheapest "reasonable" route.

Some journeys can be faster when longer, more expensive routes are taken. We recommend that passengers are made aware up front of the full financial implications of the various routes available in respect of their proposed journey before you reach agreement with them as to their preferred route.

If a passenger asks to be taken the shortest route, Delta recommends that you ask them whether they mean the "shortest time or shortest distance?"

Crosby to Speke via the motorway for example takes 30 minutes and costs £36.00. The same journey via the city centre would be £10 cheaper but could take twice as long depending on traffic.

If in doubt, we suggest that you take the cheapest route, unless the passenger, fully aware of the price implications, specifically instructs you to take a faster, more costly route.


Delta recognises that it is frustrating for drivers when they arrive at a pick-up point and the passenger is not there or not ready. Delta's policy is that drivers allow a five minute grace period before chargeable "waiting time" kicks in at 20p / minute. The five minutes grace period starts from when you make contact with the passenger (i.e. when they know that you have arrived) provided the booking time has also lapsed.

With regard to bookings made for a journey to commence at a specific time, Delta dispatches such journeys to drivers allowing for the amount of time it typically takes for drivers to accept such bookings and reach the pick-up point. This will obviously depend on the area and time of day.

The five minute grace period refers only to the time taken from when you first make contact with the passenger (provided any booking time has lapsed) and getting mobile with the passenger (or any goods they require to be transported).

Once the journey has commenced, any subsequent waiting time is charged at 20p per minute.

We ask that drivers exercise their own discretion when it comes to waits of only a minute or two during journeys.


Initially, keep the lost property safe in your car, until you've been contacted by a member of Delta's Lost Property Team . You do not need to report the discovery of any items until you are specifically asked.

  What if I think I know who the lost property belongs to?
Delta still recommends that you do nothing until we have contacted you, even though you may think you know who it belongs to. The passenger may have different drop off instructions to what you might expect.

  What should I do when I've received a lost property message?
The initial Lost Property message from Delta will ask you if you've found the lost item. Answer the message by pressing the relevant numbered button. If you have found the lost item, Delta's Lost Property Team will then email your passenger asking for a drop off address and availability during the next week. You will then be sent another message which details these times and the drop off address. Delta asks that you return the item(s) to the passenger within one of your next five days of working. Drivers can charge a fixed fee of £5 per delivery. The five days of working timeframe only starts once you have received the return address instructions.

  What if I don't get near the return address in the next 5 days of working?
Given the wide distribution of bookings it is unlikely for drivers not to get within a £5 fare of the drop off address in that timeframe. In the rare event this does happen, Delta suggests that you contact the control room to inform them so they can let passengers know when to expect their property.

  What if the passenger wants the item returned immediately?
Immediate return will only be agreed in a couple of very specific emergency instances (such as vitally important medicine or keys to get back into a house). In this case you may charge the full fare applicable for the journey and Delta will inform the passenger of this in advance.


  A passenger soils a car, is the driver entitled to charge a fee to the passenger for this?
Yes, the driver is perfectly entitled to request a soiling fee because the car will need cleaning through no fault of the driver. The person who soiled the car is responsible for paying this fee.

  Is there a standard soiling fee?
No, there is no set fee for soiling. Drivers may exercise their own judgment and discretion and treat each incident on its own merits provided that any fee is reasonable, fair and proportionate to that incident.

  What should a driver do if a passenger soils their vehicle?
Approach the passenger calmly and explain that there will be a charge. Aggression is only likely to result in no payment being received at all. If the passenger offers to clean up, then allow them to do so. The driver may also take photos of the affected area in case there is a dispute.

  How should you determine what is proportionate?
Again this is up to the individual driver. The cost of cleaning materials and a short time off the road whilst cleaning, is perfectly reasonable.

  What can a driver do to mitigate against such incidents?
Many drivers carry a cleaning kit including absorbent cloths to mop up any spillage quickly and limit time off the road. Seat covers can be fitted to the vehicles seats or a blanket carried in the boot to cover any wet area whilst it dries. You can purchase sick bags from Delta Admin (5 for £1) which may prevent any cleaning being necessary.

  What happens if a passenger refuses to pay?
As long as Delta feels the fee is proportionate to the incident, we will support any driver who needs to charge a soiling fee. Should the driver and passenger be unable to agree a charge, Delta will withhold all future booking services from the offending passenger's landline, mobile telephone and home address until the matter is fully resolved.


Passenger safety is entirely the responsibility of the drivers. It is therefore also the DRIVER'S responsibility to ensure that all children under the age of 14 are restrained correctly in accordance with the law. Taxis carry a rear seat exemption from child car seats, giving you the following AT A GLANCE guide for seatbelt legislation…
Front Seat Rear Seat Who is Responsible?
Driver Seat belt MUST be worn unless you are carrying passengers. Driver
Children Under 3 Correct child restraint MUST be used. If the correct child restraint is not available in a taxi, then the child may travel unrestrained in the rear Driver
Children aged 3 and above, until they reach EITHER their 12th birthday OR 135cm in height Correct child restraint MUST be used If the correct child restraint is not available in a taxi, then the child MUST use an adult seat belt Driver
Child over 1.35 metres, or 12 to 13 years Seat belt MUST be worn if available Seat belt MUST be worn Driver
Adult passengers (i.e. 14 years and over) Seat belt MUST be worn if available Seat belt MUST be worn Passenger

Only under certain circumstances.

  REPLACEMENT CAR - If you have accepted a booking from Delta, arrive to pick up the passenger and realise they need a different type of vehicle, you can order replacement cars. Perhaps the passenger has a dog or cat with them but forgot to mention when ordering, or they want to take with them a large item that won't fit in your car but may fit in a larger vehicle. In such circumstances you should contact a Delta radio operator who will "bogey" your job and dispatch the booking to another driver who has a suitable car for the passenger.

  ADDITIONAL CAR – Passengers sometimes underestimate the number of cars they need. Existing passengers may therefore order additional vehicles through you as this counts as a modification to their original booking.

  RETURN LEG – If on completion of a journey the passenger asks for you to come back and collect them later, you cannot accept the booking yourself. Please pass the booking details on to Delta via the Query Radio Operator so that we as operator can accept the booking and distribute at the appropriate time to the appropriate driver.

  WALK UP FARES – Absolutely not. Private hire drivers are neither licensed nor insured for bookings that have not been arranged through a licensed Private Hire Operator. If anyone approaches your vehicle asking for you to check on an existing booking or order a car for them, please explain politely but firmly that they will need to contact our booking operation directly on 01519227373 or via the App.