Rates Review 27.05.2021

Delta's annual September rates review is being brought forward this year to tackle an unprecedented rise in unmet passenger demand.

Last year the Covid pandemic resulted in thousands of taxi drivers leaving the industry with some transferring to alternative growth markets (such as home delivery) and others shielding due to health concerns. The successful vaccination program and subsequent relaxation of restrictions however has caused passenger demand to rise significantly faster than drivers are returning to cover the increased work.

In order to speed up their return and to help existing drivers accelerate their post pandemic financial recovery, Delta is introducing new more lucrative fare tariffs from 00.01am Thursday 27th May 2021.

All three tariffs (Off Peak, Peak and Premium) will increase across the board by 20p for the first mile of each journey and 10p / mile thereafter. Friday's medium rate that used to start at 3pm will now begin at 7am and run throughout the entire day. In addition, the Saturday night 6pm til 6am premium (blue card) high rate will also be applied to Friday nights 6pm til 6am.

The full fare structure can be seen here in the usual place on our website ... HERE

So as well as an extra 20p for each first mile and 10p a mile thereafter, drivers working Friday day will see an increase of 50p for their first mile and 20p / mile thereafter. Those working after 6pm Friday night will see an increase of 40p for their first mile and 30p / mile thereafter.

Operator fees for access to all of our areas increases by £10 the week after the fare rise on Thursday 3rd June to £115 / wk plus optional extras but with drivers having until the Wednesday (9th June) to get their payment to us, drivers will have had 14 days on the higher rate fares before their first increased settle payment is due. For drivers who prefer something far cheaper Delta's Zonal settle remains the same at just £20 / wk / zone, further details of which can be found here ... HERE

The above changes were originally scheduled to take place in September but given the current surge in unmet passenger demand as we continue out of lockdown, we feel that now is a more appropriate time to act.