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Covid-19 has rewritten the rule book for passenger demand versus taxi driver supply.

Generally speaking these days there are far too many drivers choosing to work weekday mornings when there’s very little unmet demand from their consumers. Unmet demand is more likely to occur of an evening and at weekends when far fewer drivers choose to work.

To illustrate the point check out the below chart for a typical week at Delta, which shows the 40 hours with the highest number of jobs per driver per hour in RED (weekends and late nights) as well as the 40 hours with the lowest number of jobs / driver / hour in BLUE (weekday mornings).

The hours not coloured in (evenings) are all somewhere in the middle. How does this compare with your work pattern?

Where drivers work also has a bearing on earning potential. This map shows our busiest areas (red), second busiest (orange), quietest areas (dark blue) and second quietest (light blue). The blue spots show the pick up points for one of the many drivers completing over 200 bookings a week despite Covid. See how he homes in on the busiest central areas?

Again how does this compare with the areas you tend to home in on?

One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that taxi drivers can either work sociable hours or profitable hours. Rarely can they do both, not least in the middle of a global pandemic.

We’ve provided this information in the hope that drivers operating through Delta for half price settle can arrive at the best work / life balance to suit their own particular circumstances.