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The law requires that self-employed private hire drivers must arrange all of their bookings through a licensed private hire operator.

We have therefore listed below 20 reasons why we think Delta should be your preferred operator.

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20 Reasons Why Self-Employed Private Hire Drivers Should Subscribe To Delta.

With up to 47,000 bookings a day, Delta generates more bookings in more areas than any other operator on Merseyside, so whenever you complete a journey your next pick up is generally sooner and closer with Delta than with quieter, less popular operators.

Drivers can save up to £500.00 with 50% off their first 10 weeks Delta settle. Drivers transferring from hackney carriage to private hire can also recover off their settle the cost of transferring their badge and plate (T's & C's Apply).

Given the earning potential for drivers operating through Delta, we believe £100 / wk (inclusive of v.a.t) represents far better value than that of quieter operators supplying fewer bookings in fewer areas.

Some narrow base operators restrict themselves solely to customers who agree to pay by card and book through a smart phone App. Delta however handles every type of booking, submitted by telephone, email, internet or App and whether your customer pays you by cash, card or Contactless.

The Delta Taxis Training Academy is host to Antrec Ltd, one of the U.K.'s leading providers of specialist taxi driver training and support for new and existing drivers. In addition to the entry level VRQ, their courses also cover “well being” education to help prepare drivers for the many challenges associated with self employment.

Equal earning potential for all drivers lies at the heart of Delta's operation. We therefore practise zero tolerance towards any form of cheating, with bookings assigned automatically by computerised dispatch algorithms to nearby drivers WHO HAVE BEEN AVAILABLE FOR A BOOKING THE LONGEST.

With up to 3,000 bookings an hour flowing through the Delta dispatch system, drivers gain access to a densely packed carpet of potential customers stretching the length and breadth of Merseyside. Drivers subscribing to quieter, less popular operators continue to waste time, money and effort driving back empty to smaller patches of established customers.

For many self-employed taxi drivers CASH IS KING so it's worth noting that over 90% of bookings made through Delta are for customers who prefer paying their drivers with hard cash.

Businesses and Local Authorities now spend over £2 Million / year with private hire drivers booked through Delta on account. Their payment to you is made via Delta’s account team by way of a reduction in your settle.

For as little as £60 drivers can buy PayPal Here Card Readers to pair with their smart phone in order to access the ever increasing number of passengers who prefer to pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Contactless, Apple Pay or Android Pay.

With mileage rates varying from between £1.60 and £3.00 a mile the Delta Taxis fare structure strikes the perfect balance between well established patterns of consumer demand and the typical availability of self-employed drivers who govern their own hours of work.

Bookings require distribution protocols that are not just FAST but FAIR to both drivers and passengers, so instead of cutting corners with cheap PDAs Delta installs and maintains in each vehicle £1,500.00 worth of award winning technology – the Australian made MTData Taxi Dispatch System. Its unique dual communication ability combines Private Mobile Radio signals with GPRS mobile data networks keeping you constantly connected with potential customers. The installation includes a handheld remote, full colour touch sensitive screen, panic alarm, turn by turn satellite navigation and a range of specially designed applications to assist you in hunting and securing bookings. Nearby bookings are offered to you automatically with jobs further away displayed on a "cover screen" list for you to choose from.

Consumer demand patterns can also be displayed on a STATS PAGE showing for each area the number of


We combine a £500,000.00 / year advertising budget with powerful and creative ideas to keep the Delta Taxis booking service first and foremost in everyone's mind here on Merseyside. We deliver monthly flyers to homes and businesses throughout Sefton, Liverpool, Knowsley Wirral and St Helens. We supply branded napkins to sandwich bars and kebab shops, branded beer mats to pubs and wine bars, branded air fresheners to motorists, branded playing cards to local community bridge clubs and tens of thousands of branded, Jute Shopping bags large and small, filled with goodies for festivals and local community events. High Profile 48 sheet billboards can be seen throughout Merseyside and we also dominate the airwaves with effective radio advertising on CAPITAL FM, RADIO CITY, CITY TALK, WISH FM and WIRRAL RADIO. The Delta Taxis booking service is also displayed across thousands of vehicles being driven by drivers who subscribe to the service.

For safety and security we fit all registered drivers' vehicles with a PANIC BUTTON. If activated we can track you on a real time map whilst listening in to the vehicle through covert hidden microphones. With thousands of drivers subscribing to Delta you are never usually far away from other fellow drivers who are prepared to provide immediate back up during such an emergency. We have also compiled a database of problem customers' home addresses, telephone numbers and the UDIDs of their handheld devices. If a customer displays aggression, racism or makes off without payment we can for example prevent their iPhone or Android device from being used to order taxis from us ever again. No booking system in the world can completely guarantee a driver's safety but Delta is continually seeking ways to mitigate the risks associated with drivers providing transportation services to the general public.

Drivers can benefit from £2 per booking off their weekly settle for covering ten jobs or more in target growth areas such as the Wirral. Covering 50 or more Wirral pick ups results in no settle to pay.

Self-employed drivers are responsible for providing and maintaining a suitable vehicle to carry out bookings, but if you prefer to rent, rather than buy a fully licensed and insured private hire car, you will find no fewer than 70 reputable fleet operators currently supplying vehicles to drivers registered with Delta. Renting also gives you the advantage of spare cars being available for you to carry on working in the event of a breakdown or collision. The Fleet Finder section of Delta's website allows you to submit personal criteria and run a search of the current live vehicle providers who can accommodate you right now.

Delta's £3 Million Control Centre and its 250 personnel provide unrivalled services for self-employed private hire drivers. Admin Support is open 9am – 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 12pm Saturday for drivers to pay settle or update documentation. You can also choose to receive weekly invoices by email so as to make and receive payments direct through the bank. In-vehicle dispatch equipment is installed, repaired and maintained by an engineering team that is available 8am – 8pm Monday to Thursday and 8am – Midnight Friday and Saturday. Control Room Supervisors can also provide support and advice 24 hours a day via mobile radio or telephone.

A well positioned taxi free phone can generate over 30,000 bookings a year. It's essential therefore that your operator goes in strong when it comes to free phone tender management. Many operators shy away from the inhibitive costs associated with winning and maintaining key sites but Delta has always been prepared to reinvest driver settle wisely when it comes to securing future bookings. As a result, drivers subscribing to Delta now benefit from over 220 free phones within various supermarkets, hotels, health centres, pubs and restaurants throughout the whole of Merseyside.

The Delta Taxis website provides self-employed private hire drivers with all the latest help and advice as well as a regularly updated Newsfeed section. We tap direct into local authority traffic regulation orders so that we can keep you informed of special events and road closures. We also provide updates on booking volumes, legal developments and press releases. In addition to our website, Delta maintains a live Twitter feed @deltamerseyside so that drivers, passengers and the general public can discover news and information about Delta Taxis and the wider industry.

Why waste settle on operators with bookings in constant decline when you can subscribe to an ambitious operator like Delta that ceaselessly and aggressively campaigns to attract more business for drivers. Delta Taxis is proud to declare that its booking volumes have increased every single year since 1998. For higher earnings or more sociable hours or perhaps a bit of both, subscribe to Delta today!