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Auto Renewal of SMBC Private Hire Driver Licences is Coming to an End

The auto renewing of driver licences will cease on 10 October 2021. From that date the following will apply.

• All drivers will be invited into the Bootle One Stop Shop (OSS) to attend an appointment and for a new DBS check to be completed
• The drivers will be invited in by letter (see note 1 below) which will include the date and time of the appointment
• The appointment will give the driver sufficient notice to allow them to contact the One Stop Shop by email to re-arrange if they are unable to attend
• Drivers who fail to provide the required evidence during their appointment will be offered a second appointment later on the same day. If the driver declines the second appointment or fails to provide the required evidence during their second visit then their licence may be lapsed if the renewal date passes. Temporary licences will no longer be issued (see note 2 below).
• Attendance at the One Stop Shop remains by appointment only, no "drop-ins" will be allowed.

Note 1 Drivers will be invited in for appointment by letter so it is crucial that the OSS holds the correct address details for drivers. It is already a condition of licence that drivers notify the authority of any changes to their address.If your address has changed since you were last licensed you must notify the OSS by email of your new address. The email to use to contact the OSS is

Note 2 The letter sent to drivers will include all the details of the evidence required foryour appointment. There will be no new requirements in this renewal processsoall drivers will be expected to attend with the correct documentation. There are currently a significant number of unexplained "No Shows" for appointments. A driver not attending their allotted appointment runs the risk of their Licence being lapsed at its current expiry date and be unable to work thereafter until they are relicenced at a new appointment, which could take some time and result in a considerable loss of income

SMBC must be kept informed of current addresses and drivers must make contact if they cannot make the appointment made for them. It is crucial that drivers read the letters sent and bring the correct documentation requested of them.