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Delta Prices

We believe in clear, transparent and consistent pricing with no hidden extras for adverse weather, traffic congestion or spikes in consumer demand.

Self-Employed drivers operating through Delta have therefore agreed to charge passengers in accordance with the Delta Taxis fare structure displayed here on this page.

LOW RATE (Yellow) - £2.50 First mile / £1.60 per mile thereafter.

MEDIUM RATE (Red) - £2.80 First mile / £1.70 per mile thereafter.

HIGH RATE (Blue) - £3.00 First mile / £1.90 per mile thereafter.

Delta Prices

Your price is determined by when your journey commences and how far you travel.

Delta Airport Prices Delta Airport Prices
Manchester Airport and Vicinity Fixed Prices*

£45 – All Merseyside addresses plus Aughton & Ormskirk

£35 - Widnes

£30 – St Helens / Rainford / Haydock / Newton-Le-Willows

£40 – Prescot / Whiston / Rainhill

£50 – Southport / Ainsdale / Birkdale

* Price quoted is EACH WAY and may be subject to additional car parking charges or Runcorn bridge tolls used on the journey. Drivers are expected to greet passengers at the meeting point 30 minutes after the flight's arrival and allow a further 30 minutes leeway before waiting time is chargeable at 20p / minute. Christmas/New Year fixed rates are subject to a x1.5 multiplier at the times stated above.

Vicinity is defined as anywhere within 3 miles by road of the junction of Runger Lane and Avro Way.