Card Reader Suitability

Information - 15.05.2020

It has come to our attention that there are new suppliers in the fast developing Mobile Card Payments Market. As such we've reviewed some of these new devices and we've decided that some devices do not meet the standards customers should expect. We have therefore drawn up the following guidelines for devices that drivers should follow in order that they qualify for Card Friendly work and the subsequent £10 per week reduction in settle.

• The customer should be able to handle and insert their card themselves in a standalone unit.
• PINs should be able to be entered on the standalone device and not the drivers phone
• The price should be clearly displayed on the standalone unit
• The device must be capable of taking contactless payments

Whilst we understand every driver's circumstances are different, we feel that the solution a driver chooses must also meet the minimum criteria laid out above. We would also advise that before any choice is made, anyone wishing to invest in a Mobile Card Payment Device should check with our Admin Department for compatibility before going ahead with any purchase.

Delta feels that customers should have confidence in the device they are using to make payments and the above criteria are the minimum any customer should expect. Customers should be able to see with the ease the exact amount they are being charged at the time of payment and they should also be able to protect their PIN by using the device in a way that they are comfortable with so as not to be overseen.

It should be noted that the PayPal Here device or Sum Up device that the vast majority of current Card Friendly drivers use fits these guidelines perfectly. We would also like to remind drivers that card payments should no longer be subject to any surcharges as these became illegal on January 13th 2018.