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Content on this website may change over time, Online fare estimations may change price to follow our tarrif so it is important to check back to keep up to date.

The amount payable by the customer will be charged by the booked driver of the journey according to our company tarrif, which is dependant on the mileage, waiting time and tarrif rate. Our online fare estimator is a guide price only, it is not a quotation, it is an estimation. Other factors may impact on the price of the journey such as toll fees and excess waiting time.

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The only data we will keep via this website will be the data submitted to us via our online application forms, web bookers, or submitted to us via email. Data that is kept for recording and business purposes will be stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Delta Taxis does not make any promise or representation that a taxi will be available to accept a request made using this booking service, or that a taxi will arrive at the time you have nominated in your booking using this website.

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We reserve the right to update and edit our online terms and conditions at any point. For the most up to date information please visit this page regulary.

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Our terms and conditions are effective as of 23rd May 2014.