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Delta Taxis provides a booking service by telephone and the internet enabling passengers to connect with thousands of self-employed drivers who offer private hire transportation at a clear, consistent and competitive price.

As independent transportation service providers, self-employed taxi drivers operating through Delta retain at all times complete control over when and where they make themselves available for passengers who have booked through Delta.

We can therefore never predict nor control the supply of or demand for drivers, nor can we foresee or influence delays caused by adverse weather conditions or traffic congestion resulting from temporary road works or bus and train strikes.

However, due to our unprecedented popularity amongst drivers we currently enjoy access to over ten times more taxis than the vast majority of other local operators, resulting in quicker response times in more areas than anyone else.

We also operate a unique and very effective customer grading system for whenever demand outstrips supply so that waiting passengers can benefit cumulatively from a number of factors depending on how and when they book. Bookings placed more than an hour in advance for example carry a far higher priority than those made on spec. Likewise, premium rate high priority account holders or passengers destined for Manchester Airport are bumped higher up the system whenever unavoidable delays may occur.

Our aim is to match passengers with an available, nearby driver within 10 minutes of every booking request and we manage to achieve this on average over 97% of the time. For the remaining 3% who on rare occasions find themselves caught with unavoidable delays we can only apologise and assure you that we are doing everything we possibly can to attract more drivers to our network in order to keep pace with the ever increasing volume of requests made by passengers for cheap, safe, reliable transportation.